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product2TFT24 LCD board has a high-tech 2.4" 262K TFT-LCD with touch panel. Standard parallel interface ideal for developer boards. Panel can be used for educational purposes and for rapid development of all board that need TFT display such as mobile phones, MP5 players, industrial controller or medical equipments.
Features of driver board:
Supply 5V onboard LDO for 3.3V logic
On-board TI 4-wire Touch Panel controller
On-board constant current backlight LED driver
Features of on-board TFT panel with TP:
LCD type 262K a-Si TFT-LCD transmissive
Dot arrangement 240x(R.G.B)x320 Dot
Module size 42.72(W)x60.26(H)x3.6(T) mm
Active area 36.72(W)x48.96(H) mm
Pixel size 0.153(W)x0.153(H) mm
Diagonal length 2.40 inch
Viewing direction 12 O'clock
Backlight LED (parallel 4pcs white LED)
Temp top -20C - +70C
Temp tst -30C - +80C
Drive IC RM68050 or compatible
Parallel 8/16 bit interface
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Front side
Back side